• Alive and Well Checks THE ROCK GROUP COMPANY has the resources to utilize an assortment of options including an ‘in person interview’ to confirm the claimant or beneficiary is alive and receiving benefits.
  • Surveillance THE ROCK GROUP COMPANY’S professional investigators fully understand how important video surveillance can be for the desired resolution of a case. The training, experience and equipment of our investigators enable them to provide high quality video recordings that will provide the specific and valuable case information requested by our clients.
  • StatementsTHE ROCK GROUP COMPANY’S investigators have the top professional training and field experience in questioning witnesses. They know how to build a rapport with people, and ask the right questions to get the facts and evidence you will need in your witness statements. They have a through working knowledge of the insurance industry so they can help their clients make calculated decisions about a particular case. Whether the statement is taken in person or via phone they are equipped to provide recorded, written or transcribed reports to the client. They can do all of this while using your company format for taking statements if you desire.
  • Latent Investigations THE ROCK GROUP COMPANY guarantees their skilled professional team members are tenacious in their efforts to dig deep and look where others may not in order to find the significant facts that relate to the client’s case. Their criminal investigation experience motivates them to methodically uncover relevant details that could make the difference in the resolution of a claim.
  • Covert Investigations THE ROCK GROUP COMPANY’S investigators are highly skilled and trained to execute any investigation where the client requires a stealthy and pre-cautious plan of action. Their experience from military intelligence and law enforcement agencies empowers them with skills to successfully conduct a mission that requires covert procedures.
  • Examinations Under Oath—The law enforcement service experience of most of the ROCK GROUP COMPANY’S professionals helps them to clearly understand there are times when our clients may have a need for individuals to be examined under oath. Our EUO services to our clients will assure a specific and strategic line of questioning in order to provide court-admissible results.

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